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White Himalayan Salt Lamp

I'm sure you've heard of pink or white Himalayan salt. Both have amazing benefits for your body and environment. I love the feeling I get when I turn on my salt lamps. The soft glow offers enough light to see, but dimly lit so that I can fully relax. 

Place them in meditation rooms, yoga rooms, or your quiet space to cleanse your aura while you are there. I, personally, have one in our living room and upstairs hallway. They make perfect night lights for the kids, as well as cleansing our home and air.

Pink Himalayan salt lamps are much more popular than their white salt counterparts. I'm sure you've seen them absolutely everywhere - a friend's home, an office space, spas, etc. But what exactly are the benefits and what's the difference between white and pink? 🤔

We can look at these from two different perspectives - a strictly scientific point of view, or a metaphysical one.

Scientifically, none of the claims have studies or evidence supporting the theories. However, it is true that both white and pink salt release negative ions. Constantly, throughout the day, we come in contact with positive ions. These can be from our electronics, like televisions, cell phones, computers and tablets. These positive ions, when we take on too much, can lead to health ailments such as stress, fatigue, and a weakened immune system.

Pink Himalayan Tabletop Lamp

Using white or pink salt lamps will counteract those positive ions by releasing negative ones. This will "cancel out" those positive ions and lead to a relaxing, low stress environment.

It is also believed that salt lamps, when lit, clean the air, purify, and deodorize. That's not such a far-fetched claim as we usually use salt to cleanse and deodorize things around the house. Lighting those salt lamps attracts and absorbs water molecules in the air and locks them into the salt crystal.

Metaphysically, it is believed that salt lamps provide amazing benefits for our atmosphere. In meditation, many like to image a white or pink light surrounding them and cleansing their aura of anything negative or not meant for their highest self. 

"In color therapy, white Himalayan salt lamp benefits include physical and emotional healing and releasing negativity. Their bright, crystal filtered light is reported as energizing, purifying and uplifting to the senses. 

Energetically, pink salt lamps represent love, kindness and peace and the color usually has a soothing and calming effect on your body and mind."

"White Himalayan salt (the rarest variety) is the freest from impurities, while added minerals give pink Himalayan salt its rosy glow. From a health standpoint, pink and white both pack the 84 naturally occurring minerals, and both are rich in negative ions, which are wonderful for combatting overexposure to positive ions and offer great health benefits such as stress reduction, energy increase and more."

Choosing between white and pink is more-so an aesthetic decision. Pink salt can aid in love and white offers total cleansing. However, as I always say, your intention is the most important. We currently have white salt lamps available here.

Each one comes in a box including foam to protect during transit, and an extra bulb to change out. This is a simple process, just pop off the crystal and change it! I purchase extras at the dollar store, so they're super inexpensive.

I hope you've learned the difference between the two most popular salt lamp colors, and their impact on you and your space. Which one do you prefer? Do you currently use salt lamps for health or energetic purposes? Let me know!

Shantel's signature, owner of lunaocity.

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