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How To: Style Your Home Boho

Bohemian is defined as - 

a: a person (such as a writer or an artist) living an unconventional life usually in a colony with others


When you read that, what are some feelings or images that pop into mind? I see a person who is free, exudes love and positivity, and allows their environment to spill into their personal space - taking inspiration from everyone and everything they encounter.

The bohemian style all began in the 60's and 70's - refer to vagabond and wanderer up above. Bohemian is usually shortened to be called "boho" or "boho chic." Some even reference hippies - tie dye, mushrooms, "spread love," "be kind" - it's easy to see these trends and styles everywhere now. However, it seems that this trend has two very different styles you can apply.

The first style you can use to achieve a boho look is a totally neutral palette. This usually includes pampas grass, weaved baskets, rattan furniture and a lot of raw/natural woods.



Using this palette is super simple. Whites and tans dominate the look, but if you'd like color, it's so easy to add in. Instead of a white pillow, throw in a teal one. Add some flowers on the table, paint an accent wall a bright color. As far as wall art, macramé hangings are huge right now, as well as line drawings. Again, add those pops of color, if you'd like, through the art on the walls. Another way to style bohemian is to throw it all together - patterns, colors, textures - all of it!


Obviously this is the total opposite from an all neutral palette, but I love it! The colors bring life to the room while creating a cozy space to feel at home. I'd style this by choosing a big piece that I'm absolutely in love with. In this example, the blue couch. I'd then style my room around that piece, maybe by adding the red rug, then seeing the yellow in the rug, I'd add the mustard colored love seat. Each piece building upon one another. Some wall art ideas are international art, global textiles, tapestries, and sculptures/statues.

In both, adding plants will complete your bohemian styled home. Philodendron Monstera's (aka Swiss Cheese Plant) are a big trend at the moment. Snake plants are so easy to take care of and look amazing in the home. Also, any type of Pothos plant can be hung and then strung around the room as it grows. If your green thumb isn't so green, adding faux plants is absolutely okay! 

Remember! Your home doesn't have to be perfect. That's the foundation of the bohemian style. Choose your one big piece and build around it. Use items that speak to you and make you feel happy. Accept imperfections, let your style grow.

Overthinking is the death of creativity!

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