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How To: Style a Tapestry 3 Ways!

I love a beautiful tapestry! However, I don't always have a huge blank wall I can hang one on. So, what else can you do with tapestry? Let's look at three different ways to style your tapestry in your dorm room, office, or home!

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One super easy way to use a tapestry is as a tablecloth! Depending on the size and shape you have, it may need to be folded. I have a round table, so I had to fold mine into quarters and then adjust to fit and fall around the sides. Perfect for when you're in a pinch

Tapestry as tablecloth on round table.



To complete this look, I simply folded my tapestry in half by width. Without folding it, the tapestry would've went the length of my window - so this depends on how big your tapestry and window is. Instead of sewing a hole for the rod, I simply draped it over then safety pinned the front and back of the tapestry together. Works perfectly and is still able to slide open and shut.


Tapestry hanging as curtains.

Bed Canopy

This style requires a bit more work, but it's still a simple process. The things you'll need:


You'll need a tapestry, tension rod, and a pair of command hooks.

Start by placing the hooks and rod on the wall that you want your tapestry to hang down. Make sure your rod is as wide as your tapestry if you want the print to be shown. Otherwise, you'll have to bunch it up to fit between the hooks. I bought mine way to small, so I ended up ditching the rod and thumbtacking the tapestry to the wall behind my bed.

When you're placing the rod, make sure it's high enough so that when the tapestry drapes over, it isn't going to fall right on your head when you're laying in bed. I put mine halfway between the ceiling and the top of my headboard.

Shantel showing placement of rod and draping over tapestry

From here, you'll adjust and then begin hanging on the ceiling! I simply used thumbtacks again, but if you aren't able to, you can use command hooks again. My tapestry has loops on each corner, so you can use those to grab the hook and hang. 

Tapestry hangs from ceiling and drapes to rod on back wall

If you've got more slack in the middle, simply space the ends out wider, or place another hook or tack for the middle to hang onto on the ceiling.

After this, it's all about adjusting to your liking. I think some lights in the top and down the sides would add so much to this and make it perfect for a dorm room or bedroom styling. If it were more finished, it'd be a nice spot in the home to hang out at.

Tapestry as bed canopy

What say you? What's your favorite way to style a tapestry?

Shantel, owner of Lunaocity

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