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DIY Dollar Tree Boho Garland - Super Easy and Customizable!

Boho garlands are the easiest decor to make and use in your home. You can throw them up around a mirror, as I have here, line a shelf with them, or hang them on a wall, behind a bed, literally ANYWHERE. This DIY is super easy - all you need is yarn and scissors! The techniques you use in this tutorial can translate into any number of DIY projects, so the outcomes are endless!

For the yarn, literally any type will do. I bought these at the Dollar Tree so each skien was $1. I bought all the colors - why not? And used the colors here because I love a neutral palette, and the blue is the pop of color you need! Plus my rug is blue lol

Six skeins of yarn, cream, burnt orange, brown, mustard, royal blue, and forest green.

So the first step is to make your garland. I simply used three long pieces of the cream colored yarn to braid. You can definitely do more than just one braid, say three - and in different colors - to add flavor to it. The good thing about the boho style is that the more ecclectic and eccentric you are, the better! So literally whatever you like for your garland is good.

Forest green yarn wrapped around four fingers

Then the tassels. All you have to do is wrap yarn around your four fingers - you may want to spread them out a bit to make it longer. The tighter it's wrapped, the shorter your tassel will be. Once you've wrapped to your liking (I wrapped about 45 times...), cut your yarn from the skein, and slide it off your hand.

Yarn slid off hand, bunched up to create loop at top.

Hold the yarn together, but don't let it loose it's loop! Wrap the loose end of your yarn around the top to create that loop at the top, and tie it off. You could also grab a different color yarn, cut a piece off, and tie it up with that. I just thought using that same yarn in your loop would be easier.

Scissors slid in the bottom loop to create free-hanging tassels

Make as many as you'd like for your garland, then tie them up! You can thread your garland through that hoop in the top or just tie it around the "neck" of your tassel. That's what I chose to do - my kids were asking for my attention so I had to hurry. Make it yours by adding beads, more tassels, different size tassels. Like I said - that's the thing about boho - it will all work together!

Brown, Royal blue, Forest Green, Mustard tassels hanging on cream colored garland

Super simple DIY and easy to customize for holidays and room themes. I would've made a Christmas one, but I love a neutral palette. Comment with tips and tricks if you've made one before! I'll definitely be making more of these! Happy creating!

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