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Benefits of a Salt Bath

My favorite form of self-love is soaking in the tub 🥰 It feels so good to love on myself while I'm soaking - sending healing and loving energy to each piece of my body. But what other benefits does a good salt bath have?

Pink Himalayan Salt pouring into container

We offer a hand-mixed salt bath using sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, and dried herbs and flowers. Sea salt is different from table salt in the way it is "harvested," and processed. Magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, and calcium can all be found in sea salt. 

It is well known by many dermatologists that skin ailments such as psoriasis, eczema, and other dry skin conditions can benefit greatly from a salt soak. The salt will help to remove scales and calm any itching or aching from the skin condition.

We also know that salt baths are awesome for relieving aches and pains. This can span from arthritis to a pulled muscle from a workout. A hot soak, in itself, is relaxing, but adding those minerals to your bath water will provide much needed relief and relaxation to your muscles.

Self Love Bath Salts from Lunaocity

Skin is your bodies largest organ. Everything it comes in contact with, it absorbs. So soaking in a sea salt tub can only benefit you! Add in the dried herbs and flowers, you're soaking up a lot of love and healing energy!


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