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5 Dorm Room Decor Tips & Tricks

It's time to start planning and preparing for the new school year! How excited are you to get back? It's been a while since last year was stolen by the pandemic. Go back to dorm life the right way. Here's 10 tips for decorating your dorm room and creating a space made just for you!

Tip #1

Multi-functional pieces will be your BFF!

Your number one obstacle when it comes to dorm life is space! If you're sharing your space with a dorm mate or simply have a small room, multi-functional pieces will be your best friend! Ottomans can double as storage and seating when friends come over. If you're space doesn't come with a bed, substitute a futon - a sofa by day, bed by night! Desks are important for any student, but what if you don't have the room? A drop leaf desk is the answer for you! Easy to tuck away when it's not in use. 

Tip #2

Add functional lighting

Late night study sessions are unavoidable. 😭 If you have a room mate, you'll need bedside lighting to make it through. Our salt lamps add a very soft glow to the room, as well as balancing positive and negative ions, helping you to recharge, relax, and de-stress. Fairy lights also do a good job adding light to your space while doubling as décor. String them between pictures on the wall, around the windows, or your desk!

Tip #3

Make it bigger!

Optical illusions will be the best bet to make a small space feel bigger. A full length mirror is best for outfit checks - with storage is even better! Sticky mirrors are a great option as well since they can be placed absolutely anywhere and removed when you're leaving. Also, keeping your décor simple and clearing the clutter will make your space bigger as well.

Tip #4

Hang some wall art

Make your space your own by adding wall art that speaks to your personality. Add in those pops of color to add more to your space. Our tapestry works perfectly for any space (read up how I styled it 3 different ways)! It's easy to put up and take down, move around the room, whatever you'd like. DIY your own wall art - truly make it your own, with your own energy and love.

Tip #5

Add greenery 🌵

College life gets busy and it's easy to get caught up in the blur. Ground and re-center yourself with greenery. Also, plant therapy is a real thing! When you get overwhelmed with classes, social life, and everything else, taking care of plants can de-stress and relax you. Here's some low-maintenance plants perfect for dorm life.

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